Tuesday, July 22, 2008

--I'm a renown fiddler living with husband Colin Farrell in Dublin. When we want some sunshine, we stay at our place in southern Spain.

--I'm an assemblage artist living with hubby Jeff Tweedy in Chicago. Because we both have SAD, we travel to Spain twice a year and stay with Colin Farrell and his his lovely wife, a renown fiddler.

--I'm a legal aid attorney living with John Cusack in Malibu. When we travel to Chicago to visit John's family, we always go out for Thai food with Jeff Tweedy. His wife, a jealous bitch never comes along.

--I live with Mark Ruffalo in upstate New York. We always listen to Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. And occasionally we watch a movie with Colin Farrell or John Cusack. But we never, ever, I mean, never...leave the bedroom.